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Remember the night before the first day of school? Whether you were looking forward to seeing friends you missed all summer or dreading that particular class, school was on your mind. What will it be like? Who will be there? What will I wear?

For many children in Delta County, the question becomes “what do I have to wear?”

Student Outfitters of Delta County supports financially disadvantaged children attending school in the Cooper ISD by providing new clothing at the beginning of each school year. Starting school in a new suit of clothes can build confidence, boost morale, and help children feel equipped to succeed in their studies.

Student Outfitters of Delta County is a ministry of East Delta Baptist Church. EDBC is asking the Delta County community to participate as Guardian Angels, sponsors who agree to receive information from the student applications and provide new clothing in the appropriate sizes as reflected on the application. Sponsors agree to provide, at a minimum, one new pair of pants, shirt, socks, and shoes. East Delta Baptist Church is providing personalized backpacks for each child sponsored, and the schools will distribute the backpack full of clothing during Orientation Week.

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